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  • Alphabute Super

    Alphabute Super

    AlphaBute Super is a fast-acting, soothing supplement which aids the body’s natural recovery process
  • GlobalVite


    Incredible joints, skin, hooves & much more. The perfect ‘feed balancer ’
  • MoveFree Maintenance

    MoveFree Maintenance

    Movefree Maintenance offers gentle and effective daily care. This traditional herbal blend supports equine joint mobility and aids normal flexibility.
  • Restore


    Restore’s premium herbal blend helps to cleanse your horse by supporting the liver and digestive system.
  • Supercalm


    SuperCalm provides a fast, complete and natural approach to calming.
  • Turmeric Gold

    Turmeric Gold

    Turmeric is known to have strong soothing properties and supports digestion, skin and joints.
  • Veteran Plus

    Veteran Plus

    Naturally fast acting, Veteran Plus is specifically designed to help revive and rejuvenate older horses.
  • Sea Buckthorn for horses

    Sea Buckthorn for horses

    Fantastic natural supplement for gastric support. 100% natural and no need to withdraw the supplement prior to racing or competition. Now in 2 sizes - 5 and 3 litre.