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Sea Buckthorn comes from the sea buckthorn plant, Hippophae Rhamnoides  which literally means ‘shiny horse’. The ancient Greeks named the plant such noting the extraordinary vitality and condition of horses grazing on it, despite otherwise very difficult conditions. While it has a long history of traditional use, recent research has really cast a spotlight on sea buckthorn, the berries earning the label of ‘super fruit’.

Sea Buckthorn contains an extraordinary array of bioactive nutrients which work synergistically throughout the body, nourishing the fine mucosal membranes which line the entire digestive tract (including the stomach) and respiratory tract, and defending against daily stresses.

Uniquely for a plant, Sea Buckthorn contains all of the Omega oils -3, -6, -7 and -9. While much is made of Sea Buckthorn’s rare Omega-7 content, it is perhaps the remarkable profile of anti-oxidant compounds which most actively contribute to the plants overall benefit. In addition to high levels of vitamins, Sea Buckthorn contains many more unique and sought after anti-oxidants including carotenoids (which give the berries their orange colour), phytosterols, flavonoids and phenolic acids. Anti-oxidants defend against oxidative damage, something the body it continuously subject to but is increased greatly by stressors such as travel and competition, illness, anxiety, strenuous exercise, allergens etc.

Sea Buckthorn for Horses is brought to you by The British Seabuckthorn Company. It is an exceptionally high quality product, sourced in the EU, which combines the individual benefits of the berry seed, pulp and juice, with absolutely no added water.

Sea Buckthorn can be easily and inexpensively sourced from Himalayan regions but poor quality control and lengthy storage times result in huge loss of nutritional value.  After extensive research, The British Sea Buckthorn Company have started from scratch, investing in product development within the EU, starting at the point of cultivation and implementing unique processing techniques to ensure a fresh, consistent and truly beneficial end product.

BSC SeaBuckthorn for Horses is a highly palatable liquid supplement which can be added to your horse’s normal daily feeding regime. Use for any horse or pony showing signs of digestive discomfort or as a general boost to support immunity, vitality and performance.

Contains no banned substances in accordance with the FEI and Jockey Club.

Feeding rate
Sea Buckthorn for Horses is a highly palatable liquid supplement which can be added to your usual daily feeding regime. Ideally seperate over two or three daily feeds. Sea Buckthorn can also be given by oral syringe if necessary but it is advised that adding to hard feed is more effective at encouraging appetite.

Give 180ml per day for the first 5-7 days. Then feed 90-100ml per day. Increase to 180ml per day during times of stress such as travel or competition.

Ponies (under 400kg)
Give 100ml per day for the first 5-7 days. Then feed 50ml per day.  Increase to 100ml per day during times of stress such as travel or competition.

Shetlands / Minatures
Give 60ml per day for the first 5-7 days. Then feed 30ml per day.


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We have used Seabuckthorn on a number of our horses, in particular an older horse who had lost some condition over last winter. All of them look fantastic, with great coats and all are retaining condition. Highly recommend

S Payne | Bucks | August 2016

I have been using the BSC Seabuckthorn for the last 5 years now. I now see far fewer gastric problems and consequently our horses have better appetites, which in turn means less acid build up in the gut.

Neil King | Marlborough | September 2016

I have been very pleased with Sea Buckthorn gastric supplement. I used the supplement on a horse which looked poor and had little appetite when it arrived here from the sales. Within a very short period, the horse's condition and appearance changed dramatically - its coat looked amazing. The Sea Buckthorn turned this horse inside out and I am happy to recommend wholeheartedly the product

Pat Murphy | Lambourn | September 2016

I used Sea buckthorn on a pointer which was showing signs of stress in training and was not keeping weight on. After vet checks, we could find nothing wrong and a friend suggested SBT. Have to say, it was a bit of a 'give it a go' purchase as I could not think what else to give him. Wow, what a difference! Within 2 weeks the horse had obviously put on weight, was less concerned both in and out of the box - much more settled and not losing so much condition after a run. We are converted!

H Russell | Cumbria | October 2016

I used Seabuckthorn on a couple of youngsters in the lead up to a sale. Made a quick and sustained difference to their appearance, demeanor and coat

D James | Hereford | October 2016

5 Customer Reviews

Sea Buckthorn for horses

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Fantastic natural supplement for gastric support. 100% natural and no need to withdraw the supplement prior to racing or competition. Now in 2 sizes - 5 and 3 litre.


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