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The MK2 is the latest RPSimulator

Designed by a former professional jockey with over 20 years of race riding experience and in conjunction with some of the top equestrian performance and sport science coaches in the world.

RPSimulator MK2 Quote from Equestrian Performance Coach Jon Pitts

"The RPSimulator MK2 is the best and most specific training a jockey can get off the horse. What most simulators miss is the integral relationship between rider and horse’s balance, and this should always be the foundation of jockey training. Any jockey looking to improve their position, technique and strength need to understand that balance and body control need to be established first. This is exactly what the RPSimulator MK2 does, teaching jockeys to control their torso through greater stability in the leg. A jockey’s body and position can either positively or negatively influence a horse’s rhythm and balance.

The RPSimulator MK2 is the best way of learning and developing the ability to have the positive effect that only the best jockeys have."

Why do you need the RPSimulator MK2?

 - The revolutionary RPSimulator MK2 is the only Race Training Simulator on the market that folds away for delivery, storage and transportation allowing it to be used in any environment

- Teaches young riders to develop a good pushing rhythm

- The RPSimulator MK2 allows jockeys to perfect their fitness, style and techniques

- The RPSimulator MK2 smooth mechanics allow for seamless and quiet practice, so that is can be used in any environment

- Not being fully warmed up for your first ride of the day is not an option for any jockey. A workout on the RPSimulator MK2 before your first ride will always allow your body to perform at its peak

- The RPSimulator MK2 is fully equipped with pads that when folded out fully, replicate the horses quarters, thereby teaching the rider the correct area of the horse to connect with when using a stick

This product includes RPSimulator MK2 reins and shock pump in the price.

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The RPS simulator weighs 26 kilos, which makes it one of lightest on the market, and it also folds away making it portable and easier to store away when not in use. When folded it will fit into the back of a Mini!


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RP Simulator - The MK2

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The RP Simulator MK2 - the best and most specific training a jockey can get off the horse.


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