Gel-Eze Shaped Saddle Pad

Gel-Eze shaped saddle pad. Non slip and helps reduce the effects of concussion on horses back and withers.

The Gel-Eze shaped saddle pad has excellent non-slip qualities. Well-known around the world by all disciplines and by professional and amateur rider, this saddle pad is a great choice if your saddle is slipping.

The material used is non-toxic and therefore safe to go directly on the horses back. The products are also environmentally friendly.

The main quality of the Gel-Eze shaped saddle pad and any product under the Gel-Eze brand is their excellent impact absorption. They help reduce the effects of concussion on the horses back and withers, therefore help reduce injury.

Perforated to allow air flow, the saddle pad prevents the saddle from slipping. 

To clean, simply soapy wash in warm water and allow to air dry


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Weight 2kg