Toe Stoppers - Equestrian Style

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The perfect stirrup safety device for everyday riding


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We are the sole distributor for Toe Stoppers in the UK and Ireland.  Widely used already in Australia by eventers, race riders, pony clubs and riding centres, this Equestrian Toe Stopper is perfect for any type of leisure or competing rider and will fit all stirrup types.

Other styles include the Western Toe Stopper, The Universal Toe Stopper for jockeys and the Endurance Toe Stopper.

For Riding Centres who will be dealing will all levels of riders, beginners benefit immensely as Toe Stoppers help keep their feet in a correct balanced riding position, instilling confidence and help ensure safety. 

The benefits!
  • Better performance and results
  • Better balance and confidence
  • Incredible teacing device
  • Mounting and dismounting aid
  • Rubber tread foot grip
  • Can help stops feet slipping through the irons
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • and they look great!


Can you attach Toe Stoppers to safety irons?
Yes, you can attach Toe Stoppers to any stirrup iron.

What colours are available?
Toe Stoppers come in black and a dark brown colour.

How do I know what size Toe Stopper I need?
Consult the sizing method chart below.  Of course, if you need to swap your Toe Stopper, normal rules apply and we are happy to do so!

Stirrup Iron Size:  Riders that have a 4 inch iron need a 4 inch Toe Stopper. If a riders boot doesn’t go in up to the ball of the foot they have been using a stirrup iron too small for the size of their foot. These riders should purchase larger stirrup irons and Toe Stoppers this will keep their feet in the correct safety balanced position on the ball of their foot at all times.

I have been using rubber tread inserts do I leave them in or take them out?
There is no need for them anymore you can take them out because the Toe Stoppers have a moulded tread in them.

I have bought a 4 inch pair of Toe Stoppers but my irons are only 4 inch can I use them safely?
No, do not try to apply a larger pair of Toe Stoppers to a smaller pair of irons. To be scientifically safe the length of the pocket of the Toe Stopper should not be longer that the opening or circumference of the iron. If your foot comes up to the ball of the foot in the Toe Stopper, that is the correct size Toe Stoppers you should be using. If the iron is too small you have been riding at serious risk of being dragged so buy a new pair of irons the same size as your Toe Stoppers.

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Toe Stoppers sizing chart
Childs & Adult boot size Toe Stopper & iron size Children & Adult boot size Toe Stopper & iron size
28 3 1/2 inch 39 4 3/4 inch
29 4 inch 40 4 3/4 inch
30 4 inch 41 5 inch
31 4 inch 42 5 inch
32 4 1/4 inch 43 5 inch
33 4 1/4 inch 44 5 inch
34 4 1/4 inch 45 5 inch
35 4 1/2 inch 46 5 1/2 inch
36 4 1/2 inch larger 5 1.2 inch
37 4 1/2 inch
38 4 3/4 inch
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