More great reviews for Sea Buckthorn gastric supplement

We’ve been send another couple of rave reviews for Sea Buckthorn gastric supplement for horses.  This natural product is making an amazing difference to some horses.  These two come from UK based racehorse trainers who have been using the product on horses whilst in training.  Take a look!

Sea Buckthorn for horses is brought to you by The British Seabuckthorn Company. It is an exceptionally high quality product, sourced in the EU, which combines the individual benefits of the berry seed, pulp and juice, with absolutely no added water.

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Great new review for Sea Buckthorn gastric supplement

We’ve had a great new review for our Sea Buckthorn gastric supplement.

We have used Seabuckthorn on a number of our horses, in particular an older horse who had lost some condition over last winter. All of them look fantastic, with great coats and all are retaining condition. Highly recommend – S Payne, BucksSeabuckthornSea Buckthorn is a natural supplement, which is an active support for gastric and digestive comfort.  It helps support the immune system and is fantastic for the skin and coat.

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